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Designer of the Month



Destil is a training and promoting ground for creative communities and self-employed operating in the field of creative economies, social entrepreneurship, culture and more. It’s a hub designed for creative people to work on their projects, exchange local and international practices and exhibit their creations. For this year Destil has create an agenda that is sustainable and inclusive for different industries with 8 main events happening every month in their Co-Work Cafe. 

The Challenge

During 2020 each month Destil will host events related to design, architecture, technology, IT, art  entertainment etc.  Each month a new designer will be selected to design 8 posters for 8 events of the month held in Destil

Every selected designer will be promoted by Destil and by the end of the year, the 12 designers will compete for an artist residency program abroad!

Eligibility: Anyone with a passion for design and graphic language is welcomed. Students of design and young professionals will have an advantage!

Designer of the month: June
The Task

Visualize this:
#TBT memories from our childhood

On first of June, we celebrate the International children's day, that's why this time the Open Call for Designer of the Month: June, is dedicated to memories from our childhood. The applicants are required to submit an artwork, which captures their memories and nostalgia from the time when they were children.
Submission deadline ends by the 1st of June.
The winner of this challenge will become Destil designer of June!

Language: Correspondence and submission must be in English.


Sonila Abdalli
Tea Mersuli
Renis Batalli
Ana Petani


The winning Designers of each month will be promoted in social media and elsewhere by Destil.
In the end of the year one designer will be selected for an artist residency program abroad!

Registration and Submission Deadline: 1.06.2020 at 23:59

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